Meme: Culture In Transmission at Antioch College, Nov. 30, 2012 - Feb. 15, 2013

Exhibition postcard

Installation view left to right: Christine Zuercher, Rodney Veal, Glenna Jennings

Installation view left to right: Chris Hoeting and Issa Randall

Installation view Chris Hoeting (foreground), and Netta Bits

Installation view left to right: Juan-Si Gonzalez, Will Davis, Jeanne Philipp and Judith Huacuja

Installation view left to right: Susan Byrnes, Christine Zuercher, Rodney Veal

Installation view left to right: Chris Shea/Charmaine Renee, Juan-Si Gonzalez, Will Davis, Michael Casselli audio installation (not pictured)


Mending Is Better Than Ending, Community Art Event at The Emery in Cincinnati, Sept. 12th

Neighborhood kids posing with finished instruments

Tuning a lyre

Building lyres made from old drawers piled up in the Emery basement

"Mending Is Better Than Ending" event at the Emery


"Derby Baby!" film premiere with artwork installation at the Emery Theatre in Cincinnati, July 27th

Installations of "Silver Linings" to the left and "History" to the right of the stage.


Symphonic Stylings, June 23rd

Liberation Lingerie (Green), cast paper lingerie suspended from ceiling

Detail of cast paper lingerie

Silver Linings, cast paper bustier installation


Passage at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts

Partial view of my exhibit space with installation in progress. From left to right: Arctic Radio, Mile Marker Poems installation, Patterns That Connect, Feast (front table), Liberation Lingerie, and Souvenir. Exhibition opens June 15th from 6-8 pm and runs through August 17th.
Desire, mixed media with audio components


Work In Recent Exhibitions

"Souvenir" (pictured on the pedestal lower right) took the 3rd place award in the exhibition 
"Mirror Images" at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, MI

 "Thirty Six Hours of Bad TV and Personal Memories" (made of solid VHS tape wound in a ball approximately the size of a human head) and "The Artist's Hand", below (made of cast styrofoam) were in the exhibition "Character Studies" at the Dayton Visual Arts Center in Dayton, OH.

Several of my cast iron sculptures in METAL, a fantastic gallery/performance space/fabrication shop in Ann Arbor, MI. Pictured is METAL owner/founder Claudette Stern.


Casting Iron in Tucumcari

This is a brand new sand cast iron sculpture as it is being broken out of a very large mold.

This is the entire piece prior to being cleaned up. Stayed tuned for the finished work!


What Is Mona Lisa Thinking?

I am beginning a new project called "What Is Mona Lisa Thinking?", and have created a section of this blog for its ongoing evolution. See that section for more information about the project.




Recent Drawings